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Hi and welcome to my blog. I hope you like my new look, I needed a change from black. Here you can share my miniature endeavours, perhaps be inspired by some of my photographs taken in France and of 'real world' treasures that can be made in miniature. My love of parterre-style gardens and study of horticulture made my decision for the theme of my little shop an easy one. I just hope I can successfully interpret my ideas in 1/12th scale!

Monday, August 3, 2015

She's Grown!

Look at those muddy paws, amazingly Lily dries off and looks (almost) perfectly clean in no time, lol. She is still a bit of a terror but so cute and lively, a bit spoilt I must admit too. Taking her to agility training this week, will see how she takes to it.

Also thought I would share my latest bedroom suite, which is now sold. I love this Bespaq suite it is so nicely detailed. I will be doing one in white for another client and look forward to seeing how it looks, will post a pic of it when done.
I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere has been enjoying your summer, we have been shivering through a rather cold winter for us, around 15 deg celsius on average, but yesterday it was 28 deg locally. We took Lily to a new beach we hadn't visited before, it is beautiful. There is a recently built surf lifesaving clubhouse, with attached restaurant on the first floor, while downstairs a nice cafe with lots of outdoor tables, and best of all it is pooch friendly. It was very popular, should have taken some pics. There is new landscaping still being constructed so we look forward to seeing it all finished. I feel Spring is in the air, now I can come out of my semi-hibernation, lol.

A bientot!