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Hi and welcome to my blog. I hope you like my new look, I needed a change from black. Here you can share my miniature endeavours, perhaps be inspired by some of my photographs taken in France and of 'real world' treasures that can be made in miniature. My love of parterre-style gardens and study of horticulture made my decision for the theme of my little shop an easy one. I just hope I can successfully interpret my ideas in 1/12th scale!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

From the little house down under, where a gust of wind just blew through the door and knocked down the tree and all the Christmas greeting cards, sending everyone the happiest of Christmas wishes and good fortune for the New Year.
Work is underway making little mince tarts as you can see, but a little straightening up is in order.

After temperatures in the high 30s (celsius) earlier in the week, we are all glad of some respite from the heat and a little rain so we can enjoy a traditional celebratory lunch of turkey and pork etc.
Thank you all for stopping by and I hope to have some more interesting things to show you in the coming year.
A bientot!

Friday, November 15, 2013


Crazy about commodes at the moment, and couldn't resist one dedicated to Marie.
'This antique item is featured in an estate sale and belonged to a lady who loved anything to do with the 'last queen of France' (I loved the movie with Kirsten Dunst). It holds items in keeping with the style and colours at the time, but not quite as lavish.'

I put together some items that echo the colours associated with Marie, such as blue and gold. I have to say I love how the lamp turned out, I must take a shot of it alight. And I especially love that depiction of her. This commode is lighter than the previous one but still a little rusticated. I would love to build a room around this item, perhaps a good project for over the Christmas break ...

A bientot!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Miss Havershams Dressing Commode

Hello everyone, long time no talk but I am keeping my eye on you all, haha! I really went to town 'aging' this dresser then thought I would try a few items on it. I liked the look and came up with the title; I love the story of Miss Haversham and must go read that again. I have listed this in my etsy shop, with a long spiel about the history, I got so carried away I almost felt like I had been taken over by her spirit, oooooh! Let me know what you think, did I go too far with the aging and distressing, it doesn't all show too much with all this 'stuff' on it which might be a good thing. I might try making another in a different colour, waiting for inspiration ...

Welcome recent new followers and thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings. Bushfires in my state still blazing in some parts but local rainfalls have given us respite from all the smoke for now. It took its toll on our aging cocker who has a bit of a cough anyway but was ridiculous during the fires. He has the vet stumped, as he has done with several inflictions over recent years. Quiet has once again settled on the house.

That's all for now, hope you have all had a good week and a great weekend to look forward to. I am off to a local doll show.

A bientot!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Let There Be ...

LIGHT! I got a real kick out of powering up my new lamps, even though I don't have a house or room to place them in I just love the way they liven up the small space around them. This one is shown on a small chest which I like as a lamp table. This lamp is in my etsy shop and I will be adding more styles soon. Hope everyone is having a happy start to the week.

A bientot!

Monday, September 30, 2013

I Warned You ...

As promised here is another of my trays, similar to the earlier three but with the addition of the sweetest little crucifix that really looks like a relic. I found it on a jewellery finding but there was only one.

Also ...
I made this lamp, based on the pair I have beside the bed. They are fairly tall as is this mini version, would probably look best on a lamp table or bedside. I haven't lit it as yet as I must find all my electricals which are stashed away in boxes somewhere. Electricals are not my strong point :)

All are listed in my etsy store if you want to see more pics. I am thinking up more styles to add to the range.
Hope everyone is having a great start to the week. Summer has really come early here with record temperatures for September, several days in the low 30deg celsius.

A bientot!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Feeling French

Bonjour mes amies, I am feeling in a French mood today, if that is even possible? I have had a bit of a break from making furniture and had a fun time making some romantic ladies' dressing table trays so that explains my mood.

I think they each have their own story to tell, of lost love, or secret love, and no city does love and romance like Paris. I have been off in a flight of fancy, I hope you like them. I will list them in my store soon.

Welcome to new followers, I hope you will drop by and leave a comment now and then.

A bientot!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Other Prizes

I have decided to give away a pair of cushions for the second and third prizes, so the first and second drawn winners can choose their preference. I hope they like them.
A bientot!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

And the Winners Are ...

Thank you everyone who entered my giveaway, which isn't a trip to Sydney, I just thought I would include a pic of lovely Sydney harbour.

There were 76 entries in all. I chose the most non-technical way of drawing the winners, by writing down the 76 numbers on paper, cutting them out and my partner drew the numbers from a hat (well a bowl really).

First draw is number 20, Narina Napertaa
Second draw is number 74, Genevieve of miniacollection
Third draw is number 4, Elizabeth S of Studio E

Sorry I have left it a little late to do the draw so you will have to wait a little longer to know what the second and third prizes will be. I will post photos tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for your interest and I am sorry I don't have a prize for you all, maybe next time.

A bientot!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Extra Giveaway

Wow, I never expected such a response to my giveaway. With so many entries I feel I must add to it so you all have a better chance of winning something. There will be three prizes, the first-drawn chooses what they prefer, then the second-drawn. I will think about what I can offer and will post a pic soon. Thank you all for participating.
A  bientot!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Time for a Giveaway - almost 500!

I would like to thank all my followers with a small giveaway to show my appreciation for your comments and encouragement. I have been absent a lot from my blog while keeping busy with my etsy store but keep up with what you are all doing.

This rustic wooden chair could suit a number of situations, in a shabby chic kitchen setting or hallway, perhaps you have a rustic verandahf or porch. The giveaway includes the chair, pretty cushion and the large satchel that could hold sticks or wood for the fire, or perhaps wildflowers.

Everyone is welcome to enter, if you are a follower, just leave a comment and you will be in the draw, which finishes on 1 September 2013, our first day of Spring here. Place the link in your sidebar if you wish, that would be great.
Good luck.

A bientot!

Monday, July 29, 2013

New Goodies

Oh for a macro lense, unfortunately I cannot properly show these tiny delights to best advantage.
Bought from fellow etsy sellers, the first to arrive was the gorgeous basket of pears, shown on the washstand above. They are unbelievable, some of the pears are sliced in half to show the seeds; plus the teeny box of Turkish delight on the sideboard at the top, along with a pretty gjftbox, all from Rita at Petite Pantry.

And the darling shoes, shown in front of the sideboard in the first photo, together with the prettiest box, are from Silvia at SilviaSanz. They are so beautifully finished, now I just need a mini bedroom to place them in.

I have noticed some new followers, a warm welcome. I am afraid I have been spending much of my spare time working on items for my etsy store and haven't been present here a lot, although I do keep up with all your posts. I cannot imagine how I ever managed before blogging!
Hope everyone is having fun,
A bientot!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And Back to the Light

I am still exploring kit-making and this is my latest. It was quite complicated to put together but I really like it now, painted, or rather white-washed so the wood still shows through a little. After lots of rubbing with extra fine sandpaper it feels sooo smooth.
It's now listed in my etsy shop, go and have a look, there are more photos posted.
Whew, I was worried about what would happen when Google Reader disappeared, but nothing has changed for me so far, fingers crossed!
Back to orders.
A bientot!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Turning to the Dark Side

But not in 'that' way, I have been experimenting with some darker pieces of furniture and I really like the look, what do you think? At least they would suit some rooms. I have almost finished this dresser, another of the kits I have. It is a dark, midnight blue with some distressing. I haven't put anything in the doors yet - glass or wire - I cannot decide. And I think it needs metal handles, antique style, to lift it a little. I just placed a few bits and pieces on the shelves to see what it would look like filled. I would love your opinions.

A big welcome to all new followers and visitors, I certainly enjoy seeing what everyone is doing, even if I don't always comment.
A bientot!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

'Antique' Miner's Couch

My first stained miner's couch, dark just like the antique ones I have seen. I quite like it and think it would look great in a more traditional setting, or in an antique shop. This one seems to look good without all the scatter cushions so I think I will list it just as it is and buyers can add there own favourite cushions as they wish. This one seems to have weathered a little over the years with some slight unevenness in the finish so I will keep it and make any to order if there is any interest. I am having fun with these, hope to add more to the range soon, not sure exactly what is left as yet.
A bientot!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Making Furniture

Well assemblling furniture I should say, these little miner's couches look so cute made up I thought I would show them. They are a little tricky to assemble, in particular the arms with the spindles, but I am getting better at it.
These will soon be painted and dressed with cushions before winging their way to the new homes.

Here are some pics of items I bought at the Sydney Miniatures Fair last weekend, with the idea of stocking them in my etsy shop. I painted these (they started out that dark red mahogony colour) and I painted a faux marble top on the bombe chest. Trouble is I don't yet know if I can get more. I think I will be keeping these as I really like them but do hope I can find more of them or something similar.

Well, it's back to making cushions and painting settees for now.
A bientot!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sydney Miniatures Fair here I come!

Cannot wait to go to the fair this weekend, I hope to find some tiny treasures. I will try to take some pics to show you and maybe catch up with some other mini makers.
This photo shows my last dressing table, which has since had ANOTHER, makeover, I will show it soon, with the matching bed. Then I will list it in my etsy shop, with a couple of other new items.

The 'leather' chairs have been quite popular, this is a bunch that were almost ready to go to their new homes around the world. It is wonderful to think that my items have found homes far and wide.

Welcome new followers and visitors, I appreciate all your comments and try to comment on your posts when I can.
A bientot!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bad Blogger!

That's me, I have been spending so much time making things (or probably mostly thinking about making things) for my etsy store I have been neglecting my blog. Although I do manage to 'lose' an inordinate amount of time somewhere (reading all your blog posts).

This is my latest item, a rather pretty, shabby dresser. I am having quite a time coming up with different little pieces that hopefully others will like too.

I welcome all new followers and visitors to my blog and invite you to visit my store to see some of my other 'stuff'. Hope your are all having a lovely autumn (here, downunder) or spring (up there).
A bientot!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break, it came and went so quickly. I would like to welcome all who come to my blog and I really am going to put some thought to a giveaway very soon. I have included a shot I quite like of some of the items in my etsy shop. I really enjoy creating little scenes when I photograph them so you can see how they might fit into your mini scene.
Although I may not always comment I do try to keep up with what everyone is doing, it is always so inspiring to see others' ideas. I am working on some new ideas for my shop and hope to have them listed very soon.
A bientot!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Nothing new - yet!

I have been enjoying working on some new items but they're not quite finished. While looking through my pics I found this group shot that I think is quite nice, showing my settees, one of the little chairs that sort of go with them, a little outdoor table (that I haven't shown before so there is something new), and my made-over cupboard in the background. I quite enjoy styling the photos, but usually miss something (like the plates that should be standing up). I really  feel inspired to create a room with some of these items, we'll see.

I hope everyone is having a good week. The weather here has been just about perfect, sunny days, not too hot, hope it lasts a while longer.
A bientot!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Item descriptions

My beautiful golden-haired boy!

Hi everyone, Just thought I would clarify a query in regard to colour descriptions for my etsy items.

I do use different coloured fabrics in the background  when I take photos, and the last shot of the settee has a deep apricot fabric at the rear, quite different to the pinks shown in some of the other shots.

However I have described the fabric covering the seat as pink and grey, which is correct, and I do everything possible to show each item as it appears in real life. I don't want anyone buying an item and expecting something completely different, as has been the experience of some bloggers lately.

Of course if your computer is not colour calibrated you will not be seeing photos at the right shade anyway but the variation should not be great.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Hamptons sofa

Just a quick post, thought you might like to see my latest sofa listed on etsy. I love this sofa, or daybed, and this particular one really reminds of 'the Hamptons' style. The kit is no longer being made so I must remember to keep one for myself. I would love one in real life but for now I am happy with the mini version. The little chair is also made from a limited-edition kit and I have two which I will be listing tomorrow, they go beautifully with the sofa.
Hope you are all having a great week.
A bientot!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New item on etsy

My latest item listed on etsy is a pretty daybed or miner's couch as it is known in Australia. Many hours of work went into it of course and I am happy with how it turned out.
Welcome new followers, I have reached over 460 now and will seeeriously give thought to something nice for a giveaway.
A bientot!

Monday, February 25, 2013

New Etsy Shop

I have just opened a new etsy shop where I will showcase my new miniatures. I will be adding new items soon, you might see something you like. Click here for the link.

A bientot.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine . . .

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I have been making lots of cushions lately, some of the antique aubusson print ones are on the Australian miner's couch I made from a kit, then today I got in the mood for making some little heart cushions and a swag.

The corner cupboard on the right at the rear is a secondhand piece I bought really cheaply and painted and I just love it. I will show more of my cushions in another post.

Welcome to all new and 'old' followers, hope you all aren't eating too many chockies.D