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Hi and welcome to my blog. I hope you like my new look, I needed a change from black. Here you can share my miniature endeavours, perhaps be inspired by some of my photographs taken in France and of 'real world' treasures that can be made in miniature. My love of parterre-style gardens and study of horticulture made my decision for the theme of my little shop an easy one. I just hope I can successfully interpret my ideas in 1/12th scale!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Nothing new - yet!

I have been enjoying working on some new items but they're not quite finished. While looking through my pics I found this group shot that I think is quite nice, showing my settees, one of the little chairs that sort of go with them, a little outdoor table (that I haven't shown before so there is something new), and my made-over cupboard in the background. I quite enjoy styling the photos, but usually miss something (like the plates that should be standing up). I really  feel inspired to create a room with some of these items, we'll see.

I hope everyone is having a good week. The weather here has been just about perfect, sunny days, not too hot, hope it lasts a while longer.
A bientot!


  1. I like the new look, makes it look bright and cheerful

  2. Hello Margaret,
    Beautiful picture. It's great to see such a lovely group shot of beautiful pieces.
    Big hug,

  3. It's actually a great shot.:) I do the same thing taking photos and usually I have to take them again to have all I wanted on them.;)

  4. A very beautiful scene you have created. I find these "flea market" scenes so fascinating.

  5. Hi Margret,
    your settees look beautiful, I just love the fabric you have used.I think doing the styling is the fun part. I look forward to seeing more.

    It has bee unseasonably stinking hot here and has been for nearly two weeks....we need some autumn weather!

    Fi x

  6. I LOVE your settees, Margaret; such a lovely design and I think I might want to make a life-sized version.

  7. I love your blue pillows. They add a nice and unexpected contrast!

  8. I like these little shots, they manage to create a little atmosphere all of their own and the settee is a lovely shape. I'll be keeping an eye out for one of those!

    We've got snow here.

  9. What a gorgeous picture! Somehow I can see your room coming together slowly...Can't wait to see more!

    Pei Li

  10. I love your little settees! Did you make them from scratch or a kit? I would like one for my Swedish house!


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