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Hi and welcome to my blog. I hope you like my new look, I needed a change from black. Here you can share my miniature endeavours, perhaps be inspired by some of my photographs taken in France and of 'real world' treasures that can be made in miniature. My love of parterre-style gardens and study of horticulture made my decision for the theme of my little shop an easy one. I just hope I can successfully interpret my ideas in 1/12th scale!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Candelabra Frenzy

That is how it's been lately, working on candelabras whenever I can. Have had quite a few problems but think I have worked out a major one. I was having a lot of trouble with the solder not 'taking' properly. I had noticed a funny waxy residue around the soldered areas and thought it must be residue from the flux. It suddenly dawned on me that when I was busily making candles I had dripped candle wax all over my work area, including the little container of flux I have been using. It was contaminated with candle wax.

So I cleaned it all out, filed off the dirty solders which were a bit wobbly anyway and started again. A little easier this time but still have a few problems. This one is a little smaller than the first few which were made to go on larger outdoor tables for casual summer dining. his one is sort of shabby chic. I may add little brass candle holders tomorrow, haven't decided yet.


  1. Margaret, your candelabres are so beautiful!!! I would wish I had your skills. I really love the mood you´ve captured in the picture, Everything looks so fantastic together...reminds me of autumn, but maybe that´s the danish springweather is cold and wet as autumn today...

  2. Margaret, from here you do not see any fault :-)
    Do you think the word... Anyway, I like very much the candelabra and also the exposure of apples and pears: I find very appealing.
    A big hug

  3. Seguro que poco a poco le saldrán como usted quiere, aunque el que se ve en la fotografía me gusta mucho.
    un abrazo

    Sure that little by little they will go out for him(her) since you it wants, though the one that meets in the photography I like much.
    An embrace

  4. Te felicito, te ha quedado genial, ademas de mucho gusto al hacer miniaturas, eres una artista con la soldadura.
    besitos ascension

  5. Your candelabras are beautiful, Margaret, they are one of those minis that would grace almost any time period or setting! And the lighting in the photo just makes me smile!!

  6. What a beautiful composition, the candle fits well with. Nicely made, congratulations
    groetjes Ingrid

  7. Glad you figured out the problem.

    Your work is amazing.

  8. Que bela imagem!
    Perfeito! parabéns.

  9. You must be so relieved to have sorted out that problem.

    This little Parterre is going to be SOOO wonderful!!

  10. Thanks for you comments everyone, hopefully this means my next one will be a little easier. And Annie, it is autumn here and the weather is perfect, we probably need a little rain.
    I'm glad you like the photograph it was the late afternoon sun that gives it a nice effect.

  11. margaret, me gustan mucho sus candelabros, yo los veo preciosos.
    Ha recreado una escena digna de pintar.
    Besos Carmen

  12. Well I love your candleholder but most of all, I love the setting of the picture!

  13. Dear Margaret~ thank you so much for your visit and your kind notes about my work. I truly appreciate.
    I love the candles! Smiles, ~

  14. Hi Margaret, thanks for visiting my blog. I like your work and especially these candles, I love! are truly precious. I've seen have in common apart from the miniatures, we also have other interests such as reading. If you're interested you leave the link on my other blog Is entirely devoted to the history, art, reading. It is but you like.
    A hug

  15. Hi Margaret. I really like your candleholder. It looks very real.

  16. Wauwwwww,it looks very beautiful.
    I love it!


  17. Margaret ¡que blog más bonito tienes!!ahora mismo lo pongo en mi lista de favoritos que sigo ( =
    Me gusta mucho tú estilo, y en particular me encanta este rincón maravilloso con las peras, manzanas, el candelabro es precioso , el escritorio.. bueno todoooooo!!

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    Hasta pronto.
    Besos Nati.

  19. Hi Margaret,
    So beautiful things you've done!
    -You have autumn there so I send you SPRING regards from Finland:D
    I wish you'll get rain and we'll get some sun.

  20. Thank you again for leaving a comment, I will be visiting all your blogs too.
    Piiko, our perfect weather has turned to rain for the last two weeks. It rained so hard one night we have two leaks in the roof over our bed, stains on the ceiling. We have been warned of a huge storm coming on Sunday so will have to check the roof tiles before then. Might have to start building an ark.


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