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Hi and welcome to my blog. I hope you like my new look, I needed a change from black. Here you can share my miniature endeavours, perhaps be inspired by some of my photographs taken in France and of 'real world' treasures that can be made in miniature. My love of parterre-style gardens and study of horticulture made my decision for the theme of my little shop an easy one. I just hope I can successfully interpret my ideas in 1/12th scale!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hope I'm Not Boring You ...

Sorry about the quality of the photo above but I just loved that little roombox, by Cassandra Stevens I think, and the one below, by the same talented artist, was also one of my favourites.

These traders were from New Zealand but I cannot find their card. (Just checked and they can be seen at thanks to Linda's info). Absolutely unbelievably good fish, plus fruit displays and I think the hats and shoes were from the same traders. The little crochet rugs they had for sale are by a Swedish miniaturist, Gullvie Larsson, perhaps some of you know her.

A bientot!


  1. WOW! You sure aren't boring me. I LOVE seeing these photos. What a fantastic room box the little garden shed is. It's so enchanting!!!

  2. I'm not bored and I was there!
    I am so pleased that your photo of the Tuscan house came out better than mine....(so many reflections to deal with)...but I loved that room box.
    It was such a fun say!

    Linda x

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these, wonderful and really fun seeing what you enjoyed!

  4. Not boring at all!
    Kim at Kim's Minis is a lovely lady.
    Love the roomboxes.

  5. Gracias por las fotos
    Que trabajos mas maravillosos!!
    besitos ascension


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