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Hi and welcome to my blog. I hope you like my new look, I needed a change from black. Here you can share my miniature endeavours, perhaps be inspired by some of my photographs taken in France and of 'real world' treasures that can be made in miniature. My love of parterre-style gardens and study of horticulture made my decision for the theme of my little shop an easy one. I just hope I can successfully interpret my ideas in 1/12th scale!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Coaches, Saddles & Brass Beds

I thought you might enjoy shots from they Sydney Miniatures Fair, of this stand by Robert & Linda Prentice. Their work is simply amazing. Fabulous old coaches and wagons were on display, the oh-so-realistic saddle caught my eye and I would love to have bought it, even though I don't have a mini horse for it, but my budget was fairly restricted so a photo had to suffice.
They also made beautiful brass beds, mattresses etc.Great work.


  1. Hello fellow fair shopper!! I'm just 'popping in' here for a moment as a break from my assignment :) I picked up the brochure from this stall because one of their beds is now on my wish list - this is what the brochure says about the beds: "The beds are replicas that were imported into Australia from Italy in 1911. They are made by a combination of steel and brass with a wooden and mesh base. The authentic range includes: Double testor, double bedstead, single and twin singles. This range includes a selection of colours, white, balck and cream. Leather studded, piped edged mattresses are available at extra cost. Your model bed comes packed in a beautiful hand crafted box to compliment the model."

    Foolishly I didn't write the prices down but from memory the beds range from about $150-$200 - that's Australian dollars so a very reasonable priced option for overseas buyers. Again from memory, the mattresses were around $20, again a very reasonable price for such a good quality product.

    Robert & Linda Prentice's address is 1 Bronzewing Drive, Highfields, QLD 4352, Australia. Their telephone number for Australian callers is 07-4698 7130, and for international callers +61-7-4698 7130. Unfortunately there is no email address on their brochure.

    I'm sorry that for various reasons it's taking me a while to get my post up, including of course a very special gift I received at the fair, but all good things come to those who wait ;)

  2. Thanks Norma, I was so busy taking photos I don't know what I did with the leaflet I thought I got from them. When I was there a teenage girl was trying to decide which bed she wanted, her mum was trying to hurry her up. I know it would have been a pretty hard decision, but lucky girl! Yes I think I hear $150 and the buttoned double-bed mattresses were 30 something dollars.

  3. I really miss the Sydney Fair!! - I lived in Carlingford for three years, and found the little Calingford minis shop by accident. This led to going to the fair where my minis interest really started.

  4. Glenda that is unbelievable, I lived in Carlingford too, for around five years from 1998. Might have seen you at Carlingford Court, it has changed a lot, not necessarily for the better though in some ways. Was handy to Small Pleasures, Neridah organises the Fair still.
    I'ts a small world (pun hehe).

  5. I was there 1998-2002, in Dryden Ave. Small world indeed! My daughter and I used to walk to North Rocks to shop. I had a flock of cockatoos come to visit quite often, they even brought me gifts - golf balls mainly. I liked them even though they killed my prize tulips. Sorry, rambling here!!


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